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HR and Operations Leader, Career Coach, and Community Builder

Born in Minnesota to Uruguayan and Norwegian parents, I bring a global perspective shaped by my multicultural upbringing. With over 20 years of experience as an HR and Operations leader, I have navigated industries as diverse as banking, staffing, education technology, and large-scale sports and events.

Throughout my career, I have faced challenges head-on, including being laid off twice. However, these experiences taught me agility and resilience, and I successfully landed two dream jobs thanks to the support of my professional network and strong reputation. As an HR Manager for a major sports organization, I co-created a comprehensive internship program to mentor the next generation of industry talent, which remains a point of pride in my career.

At the age of 40, I faced a stage 2 breast cancer diagnosis, which made me realize that life was too short not to love what you do. This realization called me to share my decades of expertise in guiding careers, motivating me to open my own HR consulting practice focused on career development and workplace fulfillment.

Currently, I serve as the Director of Operations at Conservation Minnesota, where I leverage my strengths in responsibility, empathy, adaptability, and positivity to foster positive change. I oversee a wide array of functions, including HR, IT, facilities, finance, and event planning, and my strategic approach has been pivotal in building a thriving company culture, managing large-scale projects, improving systems and processes, and ensuring compliance.

With insight drawn from overcoming obstacles and leading across diverse settings, I develop people-centered programs tailored to help individuals and teams thrive. Known for my kindness, creativity, and ability to spark joy, I exemplify the power of positive leadership and meaningful connections. My multicultural background has been a driving force in championing inclusion and diversity within organizations.

Beyond my professional roles, I actively contribute to my community, serving as a LinkedIn panelist and thought leader, addressing vital topics such as women in sports and HR best practices. My commitment to community engagement extends to board roles and volunteering with YouthLink MN and FreeArts MN, where I try to make a meaningful impact.

I look forward to partnering with you to help you achieve your career goals and find fulfillment in your professional journey!

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Karina Curbelo

Why the hummingbird logo?  
They are tiny but mighty (like a small-business owner)! They also happen to be my late grandmother's favorite bird and she is my biggest inspiration.  She had many talents, never complained and spread kindness to everyone she met.

My grandma was also a philanthropist, so as part of my mission to pay it forward, a portion of my proceeds will be donated to an organization that was instrumental in my breast cancer recovery, The Firefly Sisterhood

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