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Is your resume boring and dated?

Get your career humming!

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Life is too short to settle for a job that doesn't inspire you.  As your career advancement coach, I'm here to guide you on your journey to a rewarding and satisfying career.


Together, we'll develop a personalized strategy to help you achieve your professional goals.

My services include:

  • Resume Optimization: Craft a compelling resume that showcases your unique skills and experiences to capture the attention of hiring managers.


  • Job Search Strategies: Learn effective techniques to identify and pursue job opportunities aligned with your career aspirations.


  • LinkedIn Training: Leverage the power of LinkedIn to build your professional brand, expand your network, and attract potential employers.


  • Strengths Assessment: Gain valuable insights into your natural abilities and potential, enabling you to make informed decisions about your career path and development opportunities.


  • Networking Skills: Master the art of building and nurturing professional relationships to open doors to new opportunities.


  • Interview Preparation: Gain confidence and sharpen your interviewing skills through personalized mock interviews and feedback.


Take the first step towards a fulfilling career today. Contact me to schedule a consultation and start your transformative journey!

A hummingbird logo in blue and purple with the text KC Karina Curbelo Consulting


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